Email testing, made easy

Mailisk is an end-to-end email testing platform. It allows you to receive emails with code and automate email flows. You get a unique subdomain and access to unlimited custom email addresses.

How does it work?

Send an email to your Mailisk address – we handle it

You can then access it via the API

const { MailiskClient } = require("mailisk");
const namespace = "mynamespace";

// create client
const mailisk = new MailiskClient({
  apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY",

// send email
await mailisk.sendVirtualEmail(namespace, {
  from: "",
  to: `john@${namespace}`,
  subject: "Testing",
  text: "This is a test.",

// receive email
const result = await mailisk.searchInbox(namespace);
Test email flows

Integrate Mailisk with testing frameworks like Cypress and Selenium, easily test the whole user flow. From email verifications to passwordless sign-ins.

Test email delivery and spam scores, ensure transactional and drip emails arrive where they need to.

Virtual inboxes

Receive and test emails without sending them to real users. With unlimited email addresses you can test real automations with no risk of the emails going to real users.

Preview emails directly

Never worry about how the received emails will look in the users inbox, preview them right in the dashboard. Skip sending test emails to yourself.

Why Mailisk?

Are you a developer experimenting with email? a QA looking to integrate a solution for automated email testing? or a manager wanting to overlook the development process? Mailisk offers something for every team.

Easy to use

We believe in minimal yet functional design. Simplicity and ease of use is our main feature.

E2E email testing

Integrate with testing frameworks like Cypress. Test the whole user flow, from email verifications to password-less signings

Email previews

See how your emails look like by previewing all your emails in the dashboard. No need to send test emails.

Virtual SMTP

Send test emails directly with Mailisk. No need to use a 3rd party integration for sending test emails.

Spam analysis

Ensure your emails are delivered, see what emails have a high spam rating and improve them.

Unique subdomain

Get your own unique subdomain and get access to unlimited email addresses.


Mailisk has a simple and transparent pricing system. No hidden fees with included seats.
Start for free and then scale as you need.

Monthly emails1,000
Monthly billingYearly billing2 months free
Custom Subdomains1 day email retention1 namespacesUnlimited email addressesVirtual SMTP supportSpam analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

What are namespaces?

Namespaces are unique subdomains under which you can receive emails. Every free user gets one random namespace, paid users can choose custom namespaces.­An example of a namespace is hello@{namespace} You can read more about namespaces here.

What happens when a namespace expires on the free plan?

Random namespaces (subdomains) on the free plan are set to expire after 1 week, after which free users will need to create a new random namespace. When a namespace expires, all received emails are deleted and all data attached to that namespace is deleted.

What happens if I go over the monthly limit?

Paid plans can have temporary egress without any hard limits. If you frequently exceed your monthly usage we will reach out.

What email limitations are there?

The maximum email size is 10MB. Emails larger than this are rejected. If you feel your use case needs a higher email size limit, please reach out.

Can I send outbound emails?

Yes, Mailisk supports sending emails using our Virtual outbound SMTP servers. The emails can be sent to any valid mailisk address within the same namespace.

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